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Regional delivery team member survey: View Response #27

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Select your regional delivery team

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How clear are you about your role and about what is expected of you?

I am crystal clear about my role 

What are your expectations of your Regional Coordinator?

What do you expect of other delivery team members?

What are aspects of your role, if any, that you feel unclear about?

What are the things that work well in your team? Please indicate working practices, e.g. in relation to collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What are the things that you think should improve in the way your team works? Please indicate working practices that should be improved or added.

As a regional delivery team member, what currently helps you perform your role? What support, tools and resources would you like to keep?

As a regional delivery team member, are there any obstacles that make it difficult for you to perform your role? Please give examples.

As a regional delivery team member, what do you need to help you perform your role better? What additional support, tools/resources, and/or working practices do you need?

Anything else you want to let us know?

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