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Evaluation of the Global Conference 2015: Respond to this Survey

1. Your National Association / Promotional Association

2. Your Chapter

3. Your role in the Global Conference

4. Have you been to a previous CISV International Meeting (e.g., AIM or IBM)?

5. Did you find the Global Conference useful?

6. Would you recommend your chapter to send a representative to the next Global Conference?

7. Which of the sessions you attended was the most useful to you?

8. Did the Global Conference help you increase or positively change your understanding of CISV and what it can achieve?

9. Do you feel better prepared for your CISV role as a result of the Global Conference?

10. How did you find the daily schedule?

11. Did you find the reflection groups useful?

12. Did you find the registration system sufficient (to register for the conference and for sessions)?

13. Please feel free to comment on the practical arrangements and the registration process prior to the conference